The most Important trading tool

Well, the most important trading tool you need, is a POSITIVE MINDSET;

Important Trading Toolnot one that is filled up with frustration from peers or life itself. Heres a short example of what I mean; You should not trade when you still have your head filled up with regrets, maybe from a negative step you took or some other stuff, because at times like this, you take decisions without thinking, as a result you win “some” trades and loose most trades . At times like this, the best option is to clear your head totally (Yoga works at times). So do not trade with your head filled up with irrelevant negative stuff, be positive with a winners mindset. This is the major key to becoming a successful trader.

Here is another important trading tool;

A Good Broker

These Brokers aint Loyal! Not all of them though, but be careful out there.     A lot of scam brokers are out there waiting for you to click the sign up button, I’m guessing you dont know who brokers are? Here’s a little brief on who they are; A broker is an individual or firm that charges a fee or commission for executing buy and sell orders submitted by an investor, its plain and clear. You get yourself a bad broker and you’re in a shit load of scam, this should not scare you in anyway; there are a lot of legit brokers out there. Like IQOptions, 24Options  and a few others, little piece of advice, get yourself a good broker.

In addition, a good computer(not necessarily one with 32gb RAM) something a little bit moderate; an everyday business laptop would do. Also, try getting one with a large screen so you get to see a wider view of the market chart(you don’t want to scroll across the market chat for too long, before you make your analysis) . Finally, locate a nice quiet workspace where you can work uninterrupted. Trading takes tremendous concentration and interruptions generally cost money.

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